Virgins for sale in Colombia in 'world's biggest brothel'

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The barrios of Medellin are controlled by criminals and are full of prostitutes, with virgins commanding the highest prices. Guillermo Galdos meets one woman who fears for her daughter’s future.

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44 comentarios de “Virgins for sale in Colombia in 'world's biggest brothel'

  1. leon usher dice:

    This is happening in third world country a lot the Caribbean must
    The kids are being sold of to pedo and in return parents are silent for money
    I think they got videos of it here on YouTube it’s a sick world we live in

  2. Matt Sheezy dice:

    The sad part is that there’s even a demand for this sort of thing. This has happened before in the ancient world, and organized religion was created to fight it. Men eventually become desensitized, and seek out more & more perversion to feed their sick addiction.

  3. zakiwastaken dice:

    the main thing that keeps coming and going on my head is that what if one of the gang members actually falls in love with one of the girls and denies selling her away..
    this could be turned into a real story movie.. your welcome producers 🙄

  4. Sónia S. F dice:

    Paul lacks any sympathy or regret for what he did, so i believe he 100% knew their age. As the journalist stated, the girl is 16 and looks her age, no way, she was 12 looking 18. So many perverts with financial abilities fly over to 3 world countries where violence is common, and molest, abuse and rape young women because they believe no one will care and if they throw money at the family afterwards it's all good, whereas in their home country (this case England) they would be prosecuted, convicted to life sentences… Impressive how the colombians sharing the prison, haven't done anything to him, I have always heard, prisioners in general abominate child predators.

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